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You have reached the website of the claims administrator for the class action settlement in In re PayPal Litigation, Case No. 02 1227 JF PVT, pending in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California in San Jose. On July 12, 2004 the Court preliminarily approved the proposed settlement and directed that class members be given notice of the settlement.

Copies of the settlement documents, as well as a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, are available through the navigation bar on the left side of this page.

In accordance with the Notice and the Court's orders, the claims period for the in re PayPal Litigation Settlement ended on October 23, 2004 at midnight. Please note that all certification pages and claim-supporting documentation must be postmarked and sent to the Claims Administrator no later than November 1, 2004. You can get more information about the Settlement by reading the Notice of Pendency, the Settlement Agreement and the Injunctive Relief Provision.


It has recently come to our attention that the email reprinted below is being sent to PayPal class members. This email is a SCAM that is commonly referred to as a "phishing scam" sent with the sole purpose of obtaining your confidential financial and identifying information. NONE of the parties involved in the PayPal Litigation (the Claims Administrator - The Garden City Group, Inc., the Plaintiffs, the defendant PayPal, Inc.) sent this scam email or would EVER request personal financial information from you. If you receive this email, DO NOT give the sender your bank account information or any other personal financial information and please notify PayPal immediately at .


Dear PayPal User,

PLEASE READ THIS NOTICE CAREFULLY. You have received this Notice because the records of PayPal, Inc. indicate you are a current or former PayPal account holder who has been deemed eligible to receive a payment from the class action settlement in accordance with PayPal Litigation, Case No. 02 1227 JF PVT, pending in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California in San Jose. In your specific case you have been found to be eligible for a payment of $53.61 USD.The aforementioned settlement funds may be transferred directly to your bank account providing you have a linked debit card. The funds may not be credited directly to your PayPal account as this would render Paypal to be accumulating interest and thus profiting on litigation settlement funds which contravenes Federal law. Your bank account will be credited within 4-6 working days upon submission of account details.To credit your bank account please click here. If you are seeking an alternate method of receiving your funds PayPal will be contacting those who do not submit their details by the 3rd October with instructions to receive a cheque in the mail. However this will incur a 7.5% processing fee deducted from the settlement amount and therefore PayPal only recommends this option to those users who do not currently have a bank account with linked Debit card. Please Note that under United States federal law credit cards are not a legally approved method of settlement for Class Action suits and cannot be processed for transferal of funds in this case. Cards with Credit Card logos such as Visa or MasterCard are acceptable as long as they are Debit in nature. You can determine this by examining the back of your card. If it has no CVV2 it is Debit in nature and acceptable. The CVV2 is the three-digit number printed in the signature space on the back of credit cards. This notice is a summary and does not describe all details of the settlement. For full details of the matters discussed in this notice, you may wish to review the Settlement Agreement dated June 11, 2004 and on file with the Court or visit Complete copies of the Settlement Agreement and all other pleadings and papers filed in the lawsuit are also available for inspection and copying during regular business hours, at the Office of the Clerk of the Court, United States District Court for the Northern District of California, 280 South First Street, San Jose, California 95113. PLEASE DO NOT TELEPHONE THE COURT REGARDING THIS NOTICE. DATED: September 19, 2004 BY ORDER OF THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA This PayPal notification was sent in accordance with your PayPal notification preferences. To modify your notification preferences, go to and log in to your account. PayPal will not sell or rent any of your personally identifiable information to third parties. For more information about the security of your information, read our Privacy Policy at Replies to this email will not be processed. Copyright) 2004 PayPal, Inc. All rights reserved. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. 

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